1Life South Africa

1Life is one of the leading providers of life insurance in South Africa which promises more than just insurance and therefore offering affordable, simple and convenient products that meet the need of all South Africans.

And to ensure that you, your family and loved ones have the financial protection they need against illness, disability and/ or even death then 1Life has the solution for you.All 1Life products are only a telephone call away and comes with savings of up to 22% on monthly premiums.
1Life also offer clients a financial needs analysis to ensure that they are buying the right cover depending or based on their individual circumstances and what they can afford.

1LIFE product line includes:

Life insurance: provide for your family in the event of your death
Funeral cover: pay the funeral expenses of your immediate and extended family
Dread disease cover: financial protection against serious illness – such as strokes
Female dread disease cover: covers women and their children against a variety of cancers
Disability insurance: pay out if you are ever disabled by accident or injury
Expense Protector: pays out a monthly income if you were ever temporary disabled by illness or injury
Investments: products that are tailor made for every South African investor

For any assistance you can call 0860 10 53 40