Momentum Home Insurance

Momentum building or Home insurance covers house, fixed structures, or flat that is owned by you or longtime renting in South Africa

Momentum building Insurance will ensure that:-
Your property is covered against damage – during acts of nature, bursting of geysers and water pipes, theft and power surges, fire, explosion, impact and accidental breakage.

Your property is insured for its full replacement value – whether you’re rebuilding, repairing or renovating your property and incase of emergency Momentum Building Insurance is there to provide free 24 hours home assistance.

In addition there is a guaranteed premiums for 12 months whether you claim or not, and no hidden costs
Free 24-hour home assistance – in an emergency

Get a building insurance quote to cover any fixed structures, house, or flat you own or rent in South Africa – including your home, outbuildings, fittings and fixtures.Switch to Momentum Building Insurance.

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