Auto Loans

Auto Loan is a loan package offered to help you purchase your dream car,without paying full amount.

A lender, such as an auto dealer or bank, provides money for you to buy an auto, new or used and you make monthly payments to repay the loan over agreed duration of time.

Most auto loan dealers and banks in South Africa offers the best auto loans with competitive repayment rates.
Although you need to have a clean credit record for you to get auto loans,some lenders will still consider offering you auto loans even when your credit score is bad.

Finance Calculator: Auto dealers and banks such as Wesbank, ABSA, Standard Bank and more,have an online car calculator which you can play around with to find out what your monthly instalments will be.

Need a Car Loan? Apply for loan today!Finance your Car via auto dealer or bank Quick on their Easy Online Application to get Approval Fast.