Book for Learners licence test

What to book for learner’s driving test? You can do it all at NATIS online services, visit to schedule a date and time to sit for a Learner’s Licence Test or; to do a practical Driver’s Licence Test at a specific test centre.

You can apply for Learner’s Licence Codes listed below:-
While applying licence for light motor vehicles under code EB or B driving licence only you need code 2 Learner’s Licence. Note that you cannot use a code 2 Learner’s Licence to apply for codes C, C1, EC1 or EC and cannot learn to drive a heavy motor vehicle.

For both light or heavy vehicle motor booking licence, a code 3 Learner’s Licence is suited for you.

You can use the code 3 to apply for any motor vehicle licence. If you want to apply for a code C, C1, EC1 or EC licence you must be in possession of a valid code 3 Learner’s Licence. You must be 18 years old on the date of the test for a code 3 Learner’s Licence. A code 3 license cannot be used to learn to drive a motorbike.