Buying a new car

People looking to buy a car, often contemplate whether they should buy their next car brand-new or whether they should consider buying second-hand.

People often assume that spending a large amount of money to buy a brand-new car is worth it. We would like to challenge that thought.

The depreciation of a new car

The moment a brand-new car leaves the showroom floor, it loses approximately 10% of its value. This means that if you just bought a car for R230,000, you would pay R23,000 in order to drive away with the vehicle.

That is a large amount of money that you will never see again.

The average new car depreciates by 25% at the end of its first year. This means that for the same vehicle (costing R230,000), you lose R57,500 after only driving it for one year. After its first year, the average vehicle continues to depreciate by 17.5% every following year.

Buying a pre-owned car

When buying a well-kept, pre-owned car, you will save a large amount of money. Unfortunately, not every owner takes as good care of their car as they should, and it is important to never settle for just any pre-owned car. ­

When you buy a pre-owned vehicle that is in a poor condition only because it fits your budget, it might cost you more than it will save you in the long run. In fact, making a hasty decision to buy a pre-owned car can be an expensive mistake and with all the expensive repair-work that might need to be done, you will end up with a vehicle that you can neither use, nor sell.

Taking out a warranty with your used car, will protect you against the beforementioned and when buying a financeable pre-owned vehicle from WeBuyCars, you can choose from their wide selection of warranties and service plans.

Even though it is impossible to know exactly how well the previous owner took care of their car, some things almost always give it away.

Signs a pre-owned car is well-kept

  • Service history: If the previous owner went through the trouble to get the vehicle serviced, it could mean that the previous owner took good care of the vehicle.
  • Spare key: If the previous owner cautiously kept the spare key of the car, it is a good sign.
  • The smell: The smell of the car is a good indicator of the vehicle’s age and how well the car has been looked after.
  • Peripherals and accessories: The state and availability of the car’s tools, gadgets etc., are great indicators of how meticulous the previous owner was.

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With WeBuyCars, you can save a large amount of money, while getting the car of your dreams.

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Source:myBroadband & WeBuyCars.