Cell Phone Insurance

Why Need Cell Phone Insurance: Cellphone Insurance can give you peace of mind because your cellphone can easily be replaced with a new one in case of loss, physical damage or theft.

About Cell Phones and Insurance:

Cellphones have become such an important part of our lives, we use it to stay in touch with family, send messages to our friends, take high-quality photos, plan our next business meeting, and share the highlights of our day on social media. If you can’t imagine your life without your cellphone, then you should consider taking out Cellphone Insurance. You need Cellphone Insurance to protect your mobile lifeline from the risk of theft, loss or accidental damage.

Where can I get Cell Phone Insurance?

  1. Vodacom Cell Phone Insurance – Simply email us at servicing.deviceinsurance@vodacom.co.za or call 082 1952.
  2. MTN Cell Phone Insurance – If you’re covered by MTN Insurance, call 083 123 6084 to lodge a claim
  3. Telkom Cell PHone Insurance – Call the administrator of the Telkom Insurance on 0861 005 674 to report your claim
  4. hippo.co.za Cell Phone Insurance – How to Claim.
    If your cellphone has been stolen or lost and you no longer have possession of it, the claim normally has to be preceded by blacklisting the phone with the relevant service provider. An ITC number will be issued to you to prove that it has been blacklisted, which you then need to provide to your insurance company as part of the claim. You may also need to report this to the police and they will then issue you with a case number
  5. Other Cell Phone Insurers