How to Claims are processed with MiWay

Here is what happens when your claim is registered  and confirmed with MiWay

The outline of the claim process is explained below, and what you need to note is that not all incidents are alike and not all claims processes are straight forward

Your claim agent or representative will advise you on the exact procedures to follow, therefore when in doubt, clarify with him or her
Once you have lodged your claim with MiWay, there is a number allocate to you, which you should keep for future reference

Allocation of your claim:You will be allocated claims presentative to your claim and will work with you and other concerned or relevant parties to gather the documentation required to finalise your claim. They will also validate the claim: assessing whether the incident is covered by your policy and whether you’ve met the terms and conditions of your policy.

If you are asked questions or requests documents, you must answer truthfully, in full, and within reasonable time set by MiWay.

Validation of your claim: In situations where the merits of a case need to be confirmed by bystanders, authorities, emergency services, etc a validator may be appointed to this effect.
MiWay will notify you about the appointment of the validator and will also give you their contact details.

Assessment of the damage:An assessment is necessary to prevent any possible insurance fraud:If you submitted a claim for your driveable vehicle or for hail damage to your vehicle, you would have been asked if you wanted to book your own assessment.

If you did book an assessment, you can always login to your profile and view your booking as well as edit or cancel the booking.

If you chose not to book your assessment, you can still go online and book. Simply login, view your claim and book your assessment.

If you don’t book your own assessment, and an assessment is necessary, MiWay will appoint an assessor for you and any relevant documents will be sent to him/her. They will make an appointment to see you within 1 working day in order to assess the extent and nature of the damage. 2 -3 working days thereafter, the assessor’s damage report is created and is submitted to MiWay.

In certain cases, MiWay may instruct you to send photos of the damage to the vehicle – saving you time, effort and petrol by not having to drive to a drive-in centre for a damage assessment. The assessor will then conduct a photo-assessment of the damage to the vehicle.
Once your claim has been approved

After validation and assessment, if it has been found that you have a valid claim, MiWay has the option to pay out cash, replace or repair the insured item – or any combination thereof.

If MiWay decides on repairs, we will advise you of your most convenient supplier or repairer on our panel of pre-approved contractors. DO NOT go ahead and have your car, home, contents or possessions repaired before you have received written consent from MiWay, as this may affect the outcome of your claim.