Loans against your vehicle – XCELSIOR

Do you want to Pawn Your motor Vehicle? Do you have a car, truck, motor bike, caravan or even motorised sports vehicle? Do you need cash urgently against you vehicle? XCelsior has a solution for you, because you can easily get a loan against your motor vehicle asset which is used as security for the loan amount you get offered at XCelsior.

Apply now and get an answer under 30 minutes.

XCelsior says if you have a vehicle as security, we will loan you the cash, loan from R5000 to R500000.

Please make sure you understand our process and take note of below before you apply.

  • We do not offer vehicle loans. We offer loans against your vehicle.
  • We only accept vehicles. We do not accept homes or other assests.
  • Your vehicle has to be fully paid off.
  • The vehicle has to be in your name or in the name of a close relative.
  • We take possession of the vehicle and store it in a safe facility.