Top 15 most popular second-hand cars in South Africa

Volkswagen Polo is is the top selling car, followed by  Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes Benz C Class, BMW Series, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger,Volkswagen Polo Vivo in that order.

Most Popular Used Cars:-

  1. Volkswagen Polo,
  2. Volkswagen Golf,
  3. Mercedes Benz C Class,
  4. BMW Series,
  5. Toyota Hilux,
  6. Ford Ranger,
  7. Volkswagen Polo Vivo,
  8. BMW 1 Series,
  9. Audi A3,
  10. Toyota Corolla,
  11. Audi A4,
  12. Isuzu Kb Series,
  13. Mercedes Benz A Class,
  14. Ford Fiesta,
  15. Ford Focus

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