Types of Car Insurance

If you are in South Africa and own car, it is important that you get car insurance. Car insurance is a policy that offers protection against any financial contingency that occurs owing to any damage, accident, or damage.

It is imperative to, at least, have third car party insurance.

Types of Car Insurance
There are many types of car insurance available,we will look at three common: T
– Third Party Insurance.
– Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance
– Comprehensive Car Insurance.
Generally, most of the car owners go for Third-Party Insurance because of the variation in the costs. However, it is a common recommendation to choose from any of the other two insurance policies to make the most of the coverage.

Third Party Insurance

Third Party car Insurance will offer the essential advantages that provide protection to your car following an accident. Make sure you opt for this plan only when you are considering minimum car coverage.

You will be benefited by Third Party policy in the below-discussed cases

  • The policy will come handy in managing cash flow.
  • It can prove beneficial when you are aware of the fact that your car is not experiencing or will not come across any serious issue in the future.
  • It will help you in easy management of cash flow.
    In case you want to make sure your car is street-legal.

Third party insurance will bear all the expenses incurred from an accident that took place because of your mistake, rash driving, and negligent driving.

The policy will look after the liabilities that occurred from the harm made to other person’s vehicle.
All in all, third party insurance is self-explanatory and offer coverage only to the third party involved in the mishap and will not be liable to provide any protection to you.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

Above we saw that Third Part Insurance only offer protection to the third party involved, whereas Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance offers various other additional benefits as well.
The main highlight of this policy is that it provides one of the most effective coverage for your car. This plan proves beneficial owing to the following reasons –

  • As per this plan, you are offered coverage for particular risks that your car may come across. The related terms and conditions and advantages are quite easy to comprehend.
  • Besides offering third-party benefits, it also covers the expenses incurred owing to loss or damage to your car from theft and accidental fire.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

More car owners are opting for comprehensive car insurance ; this is the reason comprehensive car insurance has become one of the adopted types of car insurance.

As we have seen,s the above two types are offering insurance cover for third party, fire, and theft only, comprehensive car insurance will provide holistic protection for your car. When you opt for comprehensive car insurance, the following things will be covered –

  • Emergency medical billing costs.
  • Costs arise from loss or damage to the car or its parts.
  • Third-party expenses.

However, what if you need a temporary or short-term car insurance. Are you wondering whether car insurance companies offer such type of car insurance?
Car insurance companies  do offer temporary or short-term car insurance. If you are looking for one month car insurance, then let us get to know more about this car insurance.